Block of the Month

In past years, at every guild meeting a new block pattern was usually available. Each new team chose a different method for this activity. Sometimes, it was a kit made up each month to purchase, and other times it was a pattern to make your own version of the block. Sometimes, when you returned the completed block, you had a chance to win all the blocks when the tickets were drawn. Other times, you could make a block to turn in and at the same time, make a block from your own fabrics to produce your own quilt. Whichever way the team chose, it was always lots of fun and you had a chance to make a block you hadn't tried before.

Blocks for 2019

October-Dec-2019, Christmas Star

July-September 2019, Maple Leaf Table Runner

May 2019, The Final Installment.

April 2019, Run for the Borders!

March 2019.

February 2019, Border Units.

January 2019, Bringing it all together, Part Two.

Blocks for 2018

November 2018, Bringing it all together, Part One.

October 2018, Building Blocks.

September 2018. Let's get to the Point! Here's the next step in our mystery quilt.

August 2018. Time to sew! Next month, we will sew again on our mystery quilt.

July 2018. This year we are doing a mystery quilt. The first item is a list of fabric requirements and pieces to cut. If there are questions, please contact Ann Turley.

June 2018, Center Pinwheel.

May 2018, Underground Railroad.

April 2018, Friendship Star.

March 2018, Paths and Stiles.

February 2018. BOM is called Rosebud from the Patchwork Square website. Please click on the link to find the instructions. Follow the instructions for the 9" block.

January 2018, Flying Geese Pinwheel.

Blocks for 2017

December 2017, Air Castle.

November 2017 BOM is called Rocky Garden from the Patchwork Square website. Please click on the link to find the instructions. Follow the instructions for the 9" block.

October 2017, Cut Glass Dish.

September 2017, Arkansas Traveler.

August 2017, Roman Square

July 2017, Sawtooth Star page 1 and page 2.

February 2017, Cross Roads

January 2017, 4 Tulips 4 You.

Blocks for 2016

November 2016, Twirling.

September 2016, Rising Star.

August 2016, Twinkling Star.

June 2016, Fair and Square.

May 2016, Martha Washington Star.

April 2016, Northumberland Star.

March 2016, Pinwheel.

February 2016, Castles in Spain.

January 2016, Simple Rings and Electric Fan.

Blocks for 2015

December 2015, Mosaic.

October 2015, The Wedding Ring.

September 2015, Crystal Star.

August 2015, Southern Belle.

July 2015, Louisiana Block.

June 2015, Star Light Last Gleaming.

May 2015, Batik Butterflies in Blue Sky.

April 2015, Pieced Cat.

March 2015, Bloomin' Basket.

February 2015, Double Pinwheel.

January 2015, Friendship Chain.

Blocks for 2014

October 2014. Measure up to Fall! This is an updated version of what was handed out at the guild meeting on October 2.

September 2014. Cat and the Moon.

July 2014. Pinwheel.

June 2014, Jar.

May 2014, Hexing Around, page 1 and page 2.

April 2014, Tulips Galore.

March 2014, Pinwheel.

February 2014, Shamrock.

January 2014, Pieced hearts.

Blocks for 2013

December 2013,Kaleidoscope String block, page 1

December 2013,Kaleidoscope String block, page 2

Blocks for 2012

April 2012, Pinwheel.

March 2012, Happy Home.

February 2012, Spring Flowers.

January 2012, Hearts to make for Valentine's Day.

Blocks for 2011

December 2011, Floral print center surrounded by green, purple, yellow and blue triangles.

October 2011, Christmas Ornament. Instructions for preparing the block.

September 2011, Leaf Peeping Block. Instructions for preparing the block.

August 2011, Blue and Yellow Blocks.

July 2011, Nine Patch and Three Strips.

April 2011, Easter Bonnets and Bunny Patch.

March 2011, Block 1 and Block 2.

February 2011

January 2011, Pinwheel and Noon Star.

Blocks for 2010

November 2010, Twirling Nine-Patch.

October 2010, Star.

September 2010, Log Cabin Ribbon.

July 2010, Churn Dash including instructions.

Blocks for 2009

October 2009, Cool Cats. This is a Churn Dash block.

September 2009, Vintage Airplane III, page 1. This came from the Better Homes & Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks; page 2 and page 3, instructions.

July 2009, Baby Bows.

June 2009, True Lover's Knot.

May 2009, Mayflowers.

April 2009, Peter Cottontail.

March 2009, Single Irish Chain.

February 2009, Oriental Lantern.

January 2009, Kaizen.

Blocks for 2008

Since this was our 20th year, the blocks were either the same or similar to blocks that were used in the first year of the guild.

December 2008, Christmas Wreath.

November 2008, Road to the White House.

October 2008, Light and Shadows.

September 2008, Schoolhouse.

August 2008, Tall Ship.

There was no block of the month for June or July 2008.

May 2008. This block was chosen by Ruth McCoy when she was Block of the Month Chairperson.

April 2008, Lily, designed by Deb Raver. This block was first used as Block of the Month in August 1995. Later, this block was featured on the cover of the August 1998 issue of the McCall's Quilting Magazine.

March 2008, Kite.

February 2008. We used batiks from Quilter's Cottage and the 7-inch template from Elisa's Backporch.

January 2008, Winter Snowman. This block was designed by Dolores Coleman for Block of the Month at Quilter's Cottage for January 1993.

Other BOM Resources Free block of the month series quilts from

eQuilters block of the month. Free quilt block patterns.

Victoriana Quilters. Free block of the month quilt block from Victoriana Quilters.

I Love Shopping. A paper pieced Block of the Month from Wendy Vosters.